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Learning graphic design is an eternal process, so they are plenty of time to become an expert in this field. With hundreds of new graphic design books published every second, it can be hard finding which book you need and which ones aren’t worth your precious money. So whether you’re after a present for yourself or a graphic designer friend, or simply want to bulk up the office bookshelf, here are the 10 of the best graphic design books to read in 2017.

Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything

Aaron Draplin is a popular figure and notable for his works of branding the Esquire, Ford Motors, and the Obama Administration. He authored the book “Pretty Much Everything” which has not failed to live up to its title by tracing Draplin’s career back to day one. It his life story as he sets off to university and creates a name for himself on the graphic design scene. The book also contains some pleasant personal anecdotes which grant readers a real insight into the mind of the designer.

Lance Wyman: The Monograph

The book “The monograph” was authored by Lance Wyman and published by Unit Editions. It is the first major publication dedicated to renowned graphic designer Lance Wyman’s entire output of recent years. It showcases the achievements of a lengthy and fruitful career through 464 stunning pages from his early work for General Motors, through his iconic designs for the Mexico 68 Olympics, to the Minnesota Zoo and his recent projects. The book also examines many of Lance Wyman’s previously unpublished items.

Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes (mini)

This book is a mini-edition of Michael Evamy’s much-celebrated logo bible. It is the go-to resource for the world’s best logos showcasing more than 1,300 symbols and logotypes in a pocket-sized format. This book contains a vast collection that includes the work of iconic masters like Paul Rand and Saul Bass, as well as some of the most exciting work from modern, plus a series of short texts discussing recent developments in logo design.

Min: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design

The book “Min: the new simplicity in graphic design is an investigation of the roles played by minimalism in shaping modern day design. It showcases the work of over 150 minimalist designers in 500 colour illustrations.   The book Authored Stuart Trolley traces the current renaissance of minimalism back to the first wave of the movement in the 1960s.

Making and breaking the grid

This is specially written for graphic designers who are crazy about using grids in their designs. Although some people despise this book because they feel it makes all layouts look similar. Even if you are one of them you should know what a grid is and how to use it.

The Elements of Graphic Design

The book “The Element of Graphic Design” authored by Alex White is a good book for beginners with the intention of learning some basics of graphic design as well as parts of the history. This book also teaches some key concepts of space, unity, page architecture, and typography.


This book is authored by one of the iconic graphic designers of the twenty-first century: Paul Rand. It describes the work of Rand with similar accuracy, economy and passion that are used in the display of the author’s graphic designs. It also helps us to understand the nature of the author’s relationships with his clients, his audience and his art.

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