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Mac users are aware that normal website development for other operating system isn’t suitable for use on the Mac OS PCs. Using the Mac operating system comes with a lot of pros and cons and example of such as the official software from Mac which isn’t convenient and not so perfect tool for website building.  The question remains: what is the best Mac web design software? The aim of this article is to answer the question and provide you with a review of the most effective online and offline Mac web design software.

WIX: Wix is undoubtedly the most highly regarded online website builder. It is a spot for all your website building requirements ranging from the website with rich graphics to a web-based store with advanced tools. It uses a simple drag and drop styled website builder and beautiful templates that can be customized for astute website builders. Wix is also incorporated into e-commerce tool such as shopping cart, payment gateways shipping calculator amongst others that allows you to grow your business setup.

In addition, your Wix empowered website will quickly register huge traffic because of the SEO feature that is present in this online website building interface. Your website is also automatically mobile optimized along with the desktop version, thus allowing your audiences connect with you on all platforms.  Wix also offers you thousands of free image, several fonts to make your website visually pleasant and even password protected web page to help control those who view your site.

WEBNODE: Webnode is an online website builder that will help you create a great design for your website and opinions in a spectacular format. It is a very credible website builder with over fifteen million websites built via this platform. It has a drag and drop website editor that allows you to create a desired content element in positions you want them to appear. It also has various widgets that will make your website look alive and functionally richer. Webnode comes with an unlimited bandwidth feature that keeps your website up and running all day long as you register more traffic. Building a Mac website can never be easier as there is a ready and responsive customer care team to help you through the process.

Webnode is well packed with hundreds of dazzling templates which can be a great boost to the aesthetic appeal of the website. It also has SEO feature that enables your website reach higher ranks in Google and your website are optimized for mobile phones to allow your audiences connect with you on the go. In addition, it possesses e-commerce features that help you transform your website into a webs store with great features such as integrated payment gateways.

RAPID WEAVER: Rapid Weaver is an offline website builder packed with varieties of amazing website building function for creating an intuitive website that is easy to navigate. It is a code-free website building interface with readymade page types that help you create finished pages in little or no time. It is well packed with hundreds of great themes to choose from and it allows you complete freedom of customization with different options. Rapid weaver user provides you quick and convenient access to all recently opened projects, utilize publishing details and helps you publish in a more organized and guided manner.

In addition, rapid weaver allows you to import files into your webpages just by dragging the resource into the sidebar. It also features some SEO stats that offer you actionable means for enhancing your website content to get more traffic. It contains Add-ons that improves the functionality and capacity of your website and allows you to easily add custom codes to pages. Automatic navigation menu creation reduces your task and also prevents broken links in even the most complicated navigation menus.

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